We All Fall Down ~ excerpt alert!


I’m chugging along today, finishing up some editing on WE ALL FALL DOWN, and feeling pretty good about it, so I thought I’d share a little excerpt. Just a tiny taste. Look for WE ALL FALL DOWN, the second book in the OF LOVE AND MADNESS series, on Nov. 22.


Billy cursed under his breath.
“What’s wrong?” asked C.J. Davenport, his agent. “I thought this is what you wanted.”
“It is,” he whispered into the phone. “It’s just . . . the timing isn’t good. Katie’s—”
“Look, Billy, it’s only three weeks, but it’s a big three weeks. The new songs are great, but we gotta road test them. You keep this up and I can guarantee you a record deal, but I have to get you out there. People need to hear you. There was a lot of buzz after that performance in Miami this summer, and to tell the truth, the arrest and all the rest of it didn’t hurt that angry rock star image, either. There’s no bad publicity, not for someone like you, but fans have short memories.”
“I know,” he agreed, “and God knows I need the money—”
“Look, it’s just three weeks,” C.J. said. “She can’t be without you for three freaking weeks?”
Could she? She was getting worse, there was no doubt about it. But if she started seeing the doctor, and if he could talk her into staying with Rhiannon . . .
“I don’t know. I guess. I’ll figure something out.”
C.J. was all business. “Okay, then. I’ll have a car pick you up first thing Monday to bring you straight to the airport. I’ll meet you there, and we’ll sign the contracts. Just leave everything to me.”
“And Billy? I had to pull a lot of strings to get you on this leg of the tour. This is the perfect audience for you. Don’t screw this up. You’re not a cat. You don’t have nine lives, and even if you did, you’ve about run out.”
“Yeah, I get it. I’ll see you Monday.”
“That’s what I want to hear.”

(And the photo is one I took of Brett Scallions and Fuel back in December. Just using it to set the mood.)


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