“Miss February” is almost here!


Isn’t she gorgeous?

“Miss February” will be available this Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more excited! You can find it at Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. It will also be free on Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s the blurb:

Rain Storm is every man’s wildest dream. A fantasy. When people look at her, they see what she wants them to see. They see the illusion.

The reality is much different. What lies below the buffed and glossed exterior is the bartender wo teeters in four-inch heels, tapping kegs, pouring shots, and flirting for bigger tips; the scared fifteen-year-old who lost the most important man in her life; the girl whose mother checked out when she needed her most; the teenager who partied hard, ended up pregnant, and dropped out of school; the single mother who works multiple jobs to support herself and her daughter.

Even her boyfriend sees her as an accessory–something pretty to keep on a shelf until he wants to take her down and show her off.

But then Chase Holgate walks into Blondie’s, and from the first time he looks into Rain’s eyes, she knows he can see her. Not just the beautiful exterior, but her pain, her vulnerability, and her strength.

With just one look, Chase knows Rain is the one who could take his shredded heart and sew it back together.

Now all he has to do is convince her.

“Miss February” is the first book in the Calendar Girl duet. “Mrs. February” will be released in the spring.

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