“Better Man” Cover Reveal!

Hey friend!

Great news!
I recently revealed the cover of my upcoming book, Better Man,
book four in the Of Love and Madness series.
Better Man will be released on Aug. 11.
(You can pre-order your copy here: https://amzn.to/2ZQWvSF)

Isn’t it gorgeous??
The cover model is Dylan Hocking.
The photographer is Michelle Lancaster,
who totally nailed the dark and brooding Billy McDonald.
Both Dylan and Michelle live in Australia.
The cover designer is again my son, Garrett Cimms.
Am I a lucky mama or what?

Check out the blurb here!

Whoever said change is good should have their head examined. As far as Billy McDonald is concerned, he’s changed enough for one lifetime. He’s been cleanand sober for two years, he’s learned to manage his anger, and he’s uprooted his life and relocated to Maine to reunite with his wife, Katie. He’s even helped Katie create a resource center for at-risk youth, where he teaches guitar to anykid who’s interested. He’s paid his dues. He’s evolved. He’s a better man. It was hard work, but his personal life is the best it’s ever been, and his music career is finally on track.Life should be easier now. Smooth sailing. No surprises, right?Yeah, well. Not so fast. Katie wants him to become a father—again. As the saying goes, been there, done that. He sucked as a parent the first time around, and as far as he’s concerned, you don’t get a do-over. Too bad she doesn’t see it that way.After everything they’ve been through and all they’ve fought to overcome, could this be the one thing they can’t get past?Better Man is the fourth and final book in the Of Love and Madness series.

Let me tell you, this was a beast to write, but I’m excited how it all turned out. You’ll find the same angst, emotion, and humor as in the other books in the series,(yes, you’ll need some tissues), but there’s a new twist: this story is also a bit of a thriller.

Better Man will be the final book in the Of Love and Madness series; however, there’s a large part of the original manuscript that was deleted. Those sections will be compiled and will eventually be offered as bonus content, so make sure you join my reader group linked for you below, to find out first where
and when you can access it.

And while Better Man is the end of Billy and Kate’s epic story, there’s always the chance for a spin-off featuring Devin and/or Rhiannon, as well as a new character you’ve yet to meet.

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