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Picture of Karen Cimms, author holding her book, At This Moment
Karen Cimms, Author of the Of Love and Madness Series and The Calendar Girl Duet.

Karen Cimms is a writer, editor, and music lover. She was born and raised in New Jersey and still thinks of the Garden State as home. She began her career at an early age rewriting the endings to her favorite books. It was a mostly unsuccessful endeavor, but she likes to think she invented fanfiction.

Karen is a lifelong Jersey corn enthusiast, and is obsessed with (in no particular order) books, shoes, dishes, and Brad Pitt. In her spare time she likes to quilt, decorate, and entertain. Just kidding–she has no spare time.

Although she loves pigeons, she is terrified of pet birds, scary movies, and Mr. Peanut.

Karen is married to her favorite lead guitar player. Her children enjoy tormenting her with countless mean-spirited pranks because they love her. She currently lives in Northeast Pennsylvania, although her heart is usually in Maine.

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The Of Love and Madness Series

The Of Love and Madness Series

Sometimes life gives you what you need, even if you don’t believe you deserve it. Kate Daniels wants it all—a big, crazy life, lots of kids, and an adoring husband. Someday. For now, she’ll be happy just to survive her first semester of college. Billy McDonald wants it all, too. Since the day he got his first guitar, he’s had one goal—to prove he’s worth something. His dream is so close, he can almost touch it. Continue Reading….

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The Calendar Girl Duet

The Calendar Girl Duet

Rain Storm is every man’s wildest dream. A fantasy. When people look at her, they see what she wants them to see. They see the illusion.

The reality is much different. What lies below the buffed and glossed exterior is the bartender who teeters in four-inch heels, tapping kegs, pouring shots, and flirting for bigger tips; the scared fifteen-year-old who lost the most important man in her life; the girl whose mother checked out when she needed her most; the teenager who partied hard, ended up pregnant, and dropped out of school; the single mother who works multiple jobs to support herself and her daughter. Continue Reading….

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I am happy to announce that I will be signing at the Wanderlust event this fall. This will be my FIRST signing and I am beyond excited. Click the banner to get more information on the event.